My Roles as a Mum with Dutch Lady by my side as my Ideal Motherhood Partner

2016 is a very special year in my life because of a decision that I made.  It’s different in many way! No more working around the clock or back-to-back meeting instead there’s many, many to-do lists and full of baby talk!

Working and leading teams gave me lots of self-satisfaction and to some extend it’s a recognition that reflects on my skills and capabilities. It has always been a great motivation for me. Therefore, giving up my career to stay home was the biggest and toughest decision that I’ve ever made and yet it’s the best decision ever! I have no idea of what I’m capable of until I stay home, it require much more brainpower than I expected. Though I no longer lead a big group of people but I’m now a life coach to a tiny little person that’s absorbing just like a sponge!  She’s learning every single second and just the other day the Lil’ S whom always adores cats and dog started to chase a cat away just because she saw me did it once when there’s a stray cat hiding inside our shoe rack.  And she mumbled, “stupid cat” exactly what I said the other day! *palm face*

I sometimes feel like I’m a Leonardo Da Vinci – a great artist painting on a piece of white canvas! My expectation on myself is so critical that there’s no room for mistake. I’m playing multiple different roles at home – I may be a personal shopper for Lil’ S as the Chinese New Year is coming up and I could be her dance partner next or her favorite baker baking for her tea party! Wearing different hats could be overwhelming but I’m quite certain that it’s the most rewarding job in the world! I read somewhere online before that being a mum you need to wear many different hats –  as much as 45 or more! Hmmm….  Now I know why I’m so drained by the end of each day!

Sometimes I ask myself, what are my roles? Nanny, chef, janitor, personal chauffeur, motivator, ministry of finance, body guard, teacher, yoga trainer, hug bear, event organizer, errand runner, ……. And the list can go on and on.  LOL 


But for me, the opportunity to witness Lil’ S achieving her milestones first hand is much more fulfilling than any multimillion dollar proposal I’ve ever completed in the past! Lil’ S is now at the stage where she’s learning to string words together into sentences and our interactive reading sessions are working perfectly in helping her expanding her vocab library.  My favorite hat has to be the storyteller hat! I have to put on my creative hat everyday to draw and read to her! She enjoys reading very much and our story telling time is the most awaited time of the day….

One of our favorite activities is storytelling with real time doodling using magnetic doodle board and for me personally, her involvement is very important. So, I’ll usually let her chip in her idea in our story telling. For example, she’ll name some random objects and I’ll draw it on the doodle board and include it in our stories. Hence, we never have any standard story line from a book . It’s usually free flow and that’s when I need to put my storyteller hat /JK Rolling’s author hat to ensure that the story make sense.  😛


I’m also a chef to little “Princess S”, when she’s hungry I’ll be the go-to person…. “Mummy, hungry. May I have some pasta please?” this is the longest sentence that Lil’ ever said and you’ll hear his a lot throughout the day. Her favorite food will always be pasta and fruits! Since I’m the go to person, I am also the nutritionist to ensure a well balance diet meal to fit Lil’ S’ development that includes milk which has a good source of nutrients, including calcium. Our first choice would be Dutch Lady 4-Step Nutri Plan™ which provides tailored nutrition to support a child’s development from 1-6+ years old at every smart milestones. We have recently shifted from the Curious (1-2 years old) to Explore (2-4 years old) recently and this has been a great supplement to her solid food.

Life Coach hat is the most vital role of all, as I am entrusted to shape this little person and get her ready for the big world ahead of her! Just like my corporate world, I was grooming lots of my team members and getting them ready for the next steps in the corporate ladder but now I am grooming Lil’ S to embrace different challenges in life until she’s ready to stand on her own feet. One of the core values that I would like to pass down to Lil’ S is GRATITUDE. A humble and calm personality are probably the two significant pillars that I’m trying to build in her life.  Every single night before going to bed, we will list down 3 things that we are grateful for the day.

Yesterday night just before we went to sleep, Sophia and I reflected….

Lil’ S’

“I’m thankful for the yummy macaroon dessert”

 “I’m thankful that I have some spare change to pass on to the poor little beggar on the street”

“I’m thankful to have found Alexander and we are now best playmate ever”

“I’m thankful that weather is treating us so well today so we can swim for 2 hours”


I’m thankful that I have such a healthy, lovely girl and I’ll continue to nurture her with Dutch Lady, my ideal motherhood partner to flourish her with all the nutrition she needed for every milestone.


These are the most important roles and I’m still juggling with her changing needs. To all mums out there, you are not alone and it’s not just you. Continue to do what you are doing… you are doing great…. you have chosen to be paid by kisses and hugs, what’s better than that!



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