Successful Technology Detox Week

I'm proud to announce that Lil' S first technology detox week is a success!

Lil' S has been off youtube, pokemon go and pororo apps for 7 straight days now! We are fetiing there but he journey is extremely challenging and there's still a lot of work to be done…. The key is consistency! I'm now limiting her screentime to only 30 mins of either Pororo or Hi5 show a day and this require support from my co-parent which is my mum (stirct NO-NO to Ipad). Lot's of discipline in place not just for her but mummy too…

Lil' S is sort of addicted to my phone because Pokemon Go, i have no one to blame but myself. I'm on this fair policy at home where she gets some screentime too as i'm also busy with my social media for my blog and work. I was trying to get her involved in what i do, at that state of mind Pokemon Go was the thing and i thought it'll be great as ROy and I will have a common topic to talk but it doesn't seems to be a good idea. She got hook up pretty much instantly. Everytime she sees me holding my phone, she'll says "Catch, Catch, Catch!", this make the technology detox week very challenging. My biggest challenge by far is limiting myself from using the phone so she'll not ask for Pokemon go.

Since I'm taking away technology from her day to day, i have to replace it with something and i decided to add on a 45 mins megablock time into her daily schedule. It's a work in progress, she can only focus for 15 mins now but she's getting there…. Going from 3 hours screentime a week to totally no iphone and just 30 mins tv time is a great accomplishment for us! So I decided to reward her for such a great job ~ little treat after our groceries shopping. Guess what's her favourite treat?!?!?! YES! Ice cream….

The little shopper is excited to finish off her shopping for her menu this week so we can head straight to yogurt ice cream place… She'll usually be the one who pay for the groceries and greet the cashier with a big smile and thank you. We also gives her a small bag of groceries (usually is her fave snacks such as cheese or yogurts) for her to hold. We wanted to create this habit that helps to develop her sense of responsibility and i'll always reminds her that she have to take care of the bag as i hand it over to her. If she lost the bag of snacks, there'll be no snacks for the week. If she decided that she doesn't want to hold the bag anymore, she must hang it on the stroller or leave it on the stroller seat. So far, we have yet to experience any missing bag except for once which she left the bag in the restaurant but she quickly run back in to grab it as we walk out of the restaurant. Another conditioning practice in my parenting approach….

IMG20160903150349 IMG20160903150853

Well, her love for ice cream is undenieable. I'm pretty sure this is genetically passed down from me and Roy! Hahaha…. We always prefer homemade ice lollies or ice cream with frozen fruits toppings but as she grow up i would also want her to experience the excitement of eating ice cream after shopping and try different flavors. One thing that really turn me off with the ice cream out there are the toppings which are usually colorful sprinkles, jelly beans, chocolate sauce and chips. It's full of artificial coloring and flavouring and it's just not for a young toddler. That's one of the reason why i don't take Lil' S out for ice cream that often and even if we does,  we will skip toppings but with her growing tastebud sometimes the plain yogurt ice cream is just too bland and she wanted more than just sourish taste in the ice cream.


In the past, I used to just add in the fresh fruits that i pack for her snacks but then as time pass my laziness creeps in. I have several experience cleaning messy fruits juice leaking. It costs me a lot of money on bag SPA to get rid of the stains and since then as much as possible i try not to pack fresh fruits as snacks anymore. I squeeze my brain looking for alternative minus the artificial flavours and i came out with idea to use freeze dried fruits crush as topping! It has been a staple snack for us since almost a year go but never thought of using it a topping. It's conveniently pack in small servings and we can eat it anytime, anywhere without creating any mess.  

IMG20160903151242 IMG20160903151348 IMG20160903151540

In the past, we usually ordered online via iherbs or we stock up whenever we travel. Recently, we were introduced to a local brand ~ Frutzee that comes in 4 flavours, Grapes, Strawberry, Apple and Banana. Grape and strawberry is Lil' S absolute favourite, since we always have it handy we why not use it as ice cream toppings. I'll crush the freeze dried fruits using her water bottle and OHLALALA…. the topping is ready, just scoop and place it on top of the ice cream. The crunchy texture makes the ice cream more interesting… What a great way to support local business and yet we get to enjoy our favourite fruits without a mess.Hope you guys enjoy this little tip and makes your trip out with your little one easier… Till then, see you guys! XOXO

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