Our Favourite Routine!

This is actually one of the long planned post that never get uploaded till 5 months later! I hope it's not too late… This is our favourite part of the day where we get to wind down and  do a "heart to heart" talk after her milk. Well to some extend, i'm quite sure Lil S doesn't really understand me much when she's younger till fairly recently when she start responding to some of the stuff i said to her. 

Before we start our actual bedtime routine, we usually have a 15 mins "heart to heart" talk as i call it. When she was younger, it was sort of my "self reflection" time on things that i'm doing/ should be doing as a mum and it usually end with tears, could be tear of joy of another milestone or tear of sadness of things i'm not doing enough… As she grows older, the conversation has evolved. Now, it's more about things that happen throughout the day and why certain things happen and why rules are in place. At this point of time, she's still too young to respond or fully understand what i'm saying so there's really no structure in place. If there's certain incident that happen and she throwed a tantrum, i'll usually address them during this conversation.

Once we are done, we then move on to brushing our teeth. The teeth brushing routine started since Lil S is 3-4 days old, it was gum cleaning then. We clean her gums and tongue using a wash cloth twice a day, when she turned 3 months old we start introducing massanging brush and eventually toothbrush.  A few tips that seems to work well with us are,

  • Start building habits such as teeth brushing early.  I'm a strong believer of conditioning and developing early habits as i've seen it work with Lil S, her teeth brushing and sleeping pattern is a perfect example. It certainly makes my motherhood journey easier.
  • If your baby doesn't like the texture of the toothbrush, try soaking the toothbrush in a cup of warm water. It will help soften the bristle even more. We have tried many different brands and types of toothbrush and silicon gum massager, our preference is still  Pigeon Baby Training  from Japan. It's soft and it comes with a shield that prevent choking. We got it from a Japanese Baby Product Fair @ Publika, i stocked up as usual.

CIMG0487 CIMG0489gallery

Next is our reading time, this is also another habit that we have started since she's few days old. As soon as she finish her milk, she'll run towards our mini library and she'll pick 3 books sometimes a mountain of them if i'm not watching… LOL! 

CIMG0573 CIMG0571 CIMG0568 CIMG0560   

There are 2 parts in our reading time, the first half will be me doing the reading sometimes she will sleep still and listen or she will roam around the room with her soft toys depending on her mood that day. Then, she'll get 15-20 mins for her to flip and explore the book. Sometimes i'll put on songs on speakers that can relate to the book or our learning that day. I used to play #Youtube videos but i find it too busy for her to wind down and it takes longer for her to sleep. 

CIMG0554 CIMG0549 CIMG0540  CIMG0533 CIMG0503 CIMG0535

When she's done with the books, she'll hand it over, we will then tuck her in and she sleeps with lights off. Sometimes there'll be night light, in most cases no. Recently she also started to tuck one of her book underneath pillow, not sure where she pick that from but she seems to sleep faster doing that. It could be a sense of security or so…..

Our routines stays pretty much the same even when we travel, the only difference is we will pick 2 of her favourite books in advance and that will keep her busy throughout journey and wind her down too. ***Updates*** She has recently develop strong interest on picture cards, so she is also doing it just before we brush our teeth.

I'm glad that she has routine as it also give me a structure to our night as it also gives me some time to some of my stuffs just before we hit the sack!




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