Chocolate Block and Puff Pastry! Soooo gonna try it this weekend…

Such a smart and easy dessert! -15 mins preparation + 25 mins of baking = yumming melt in your mouth choco treat is ready to be serve- Recipe by You will need: 1 packet of puff pastry (from the refrigerated section) 1 block of chocolate 1 egg chopped nuts Here's how: Roll out the pastry and place the block

Way of learning for toddlers – through the eyes of PLAY!

“The American kindergarten experience has become much more academic—and at the expense of play.” This sound stressful to me as a strong advocate to learning through play.  Young babies learn through their senses – tasting, touching, seeing, hearing and smelling, not to forget that they are also watching/copying people close to them and that’s how they learn language and behaviour. For toddlers,