Relaxing Easter Weekend

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Absolutely thrill that Roy is in town for Easter! It has been a while since the last he came back to KL, super busy with his new role, extremely demanding and long hours as usual… Besides a quick trip to Farm in The City, we also spent a night at Grand Lexis, PD which is only an hour drive away. Simple yet relaxing Easter break…

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Love the private pool in the room which means we have access to the pool at anytime.

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Little S truly enjoy the swimming, it has been a while since the last we went to any swimming lesson. We started her swimming lesson when she was 6 months old with Cindy but then she took a long medical break and when she comes back a few months later she tweak her lesson. We used to pay RM 500 for 10 + 2 replacement classes and that works perfectly for us given that we travel almost every month. However because of the changes and we wouldn’t be able to commit to a full 10 lesson, we decided not to join at least for now until we know we can commit and no travel for 3 months.  She have pretty strong arms that she can hold the side of the pool to keep her heads up above the water for like 10 seconds.

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Though we have not been going to the pool often, seems like Sophia still have a very good grasp of what she learned months ago….

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We spent most of our time relaxing in the villa, stocked up plenty of snacks and food. We even did the Easter egg hunt in the villa. We drop by BIG for last mins shopping the right before we travel  that’s why  we couldn’t find a decent size Easter egg from our last mins shopping. My bad for taking things for granted, i was contemplating whether to buy treats for the Easter eggs – chocolate and candy but i’m not ready to indulge her with candies. We do homemade ice cream quite often and chocolate occasionally but not candy. And of course, most importantly i  wanted to wait for Roy to come home and do the shopping together hence the last mins shopping…. but all the decent size Easter eggs are all sold out, only left with the minis!

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We were going to take quick dip at night after Sophia go to the bed, but we were completely wasted after the trip to Farm in the City the day before, so we jumped into our queen size mattress and got some sleep instead of swimming, UNO and Mastermind time! Those were our favourite things to do back then when we were still dating each other. As crazy as it may sounds besides movie, that’s what we do most of the time! **We are one crazy couple**

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It was a late night for Little S, she did’t go to bed till 12.30 am…. Surprisingly she woke up full of energy and the first thing she does after her milk is…… of course head straight to the pool! Super cute, she stand by the door and keeps on knocking the door asking for someone to open the door so she can “jump” into the pool!

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She had so much fun that we have another round of egg hunting before checking out…

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Love how Little S bundled up the Polystrene egg/ bunny sticks to a bouquet….  And of course as usual her favourite activity ~ reading, we spent 20 mins before checking out to read her favourite book!

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Roy and i only see each other once a month (sometimes every 6 weeks) for 7-10 days. He’s missing a lot on Little S development so it’s great to see the father and daughter spending quality time together bonding! Adios… It’s time to go home….


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