18 months and Learnings!

Little S is turning 18 months in a few days, can you believe it?!?!

This is a pic of Little S (our pink lady) – 2 days old – first day home. Looking back at this picture reminds me that i’m missing something, tear of joy holding my newborn in my arm… I remember seeing tears of joy of new mum holding their newborn in all the videos i’ve seen online but for some reason it didn’t happen to me. Not a single drop of tear that i thought would happen, instead there’s an overflowing joy and smile in me when i touches her tiny fingers and toes. It feels like sugar rush that went straight to my head, how can this tiny little person grow in my tummy and now it’s so unreal to finally able to touch and feel her.

Sometime when i think back, i still wonder to what happen why am i not tearing back then. I might have missed it the first time but the past 18 months i have countless teary (joyful) occasion watching her growing,

A few things that i’ve learned along the way…

No one is judging you, even if they are it’s not important.
Sometimes we get too carried away with best practice/ advice and we are too much about what people think of us as a new mum. It’s more important that you do what you are comfortable with because you know what’s best for your child. Trust your gut feeling – there’s an element of mother instant there! Best practice and advice serves as a guide, there’s no hard and fast rules in raising a child.

Take a break

Parenting is hard, you need a break. Drop by at grandma’s and get a break, 30 mins youtube/ coffee break. Or even better a good 60 mins lunch break with friends and have grandma look after the baby for few hours. Date night with DH is soooooo important that i couldn’t emphasise enough, i’m guilty of disregarding this till fairly recently.

It’s ok to leave your child for few hours and get some most needed “me” time!

In this pic, i choose to sneak out and get my eyelashes extension done in just under 2 hours.

Conditioning is very important whether you believe it or not.

IMG_4429Conditioning is in a way slowly creating a routine. Always remember when the baby is born they are a piece of blank paper and it’s up to us to mould them. There are a number of success stories on conditioning that i personally experienced. One of my fave examples are books and puzzles. I started reading to Little S since she’s a few days old and we also introduced puzzles to her the moment she learn to sit. With no doubt these are her fave to do now. If you give her a choice between iPad and her books before her bed time, i can confidently tell you she’ll choose books!


IMG_0351Another classic example is her sleep routine. It could be we are doing the right thing or i’m just lucky but i’ve never had any night feed problem with her. I would like to believe it’s the conditioning work we did. She hardly have any night feed (with the exception when she’s sick) since she turned 4 months old. We got her on sleep schedule and start conditioning her sleep. We sometimes even switch on TV and music in the room so she’s used to sleeping in noisy environment. She has no problem sleeping anywhere, anytime!

***Please don’t judge the way how i sleep,  i’m a heavy sleeper – Little S*** LOL

The song that we sing praising conditioning is our car seat experience. Little S has been on car seat since she’s few days old, Every single time we jump onto our car without fail she’ll be sitting in there car seat with no fuss. As the matter of fact she even asked to be put it, occasionally for a 5 mins drive to my uncle’s house for dinner grandma would rather hold her but she’ll asked to be put in the car seat. Every time we buckle her in, you’ll see her serious look. She even ignore grandma that’s sitting next to her. So, do start conditioning your baby early if you can.

IMG_3702  IMG_5978

My life will never be the same anymore – exploring the world is much more fun and exciting with this little munchkin!

Marking my 18th months of joyful motherhood journey,
Mummy V from Asian Mummy at Home

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