First Bumpy Road

I’m an extremely guilty mummy, i wish i can be more careful with Little S…. She accidentally bumped her head on the edge of our bed frame on Wednesday night…. Her face was red and streaked with tears, and she is gasping from crying so hard. She sobbed uncontrollably for over 15 mins till she’s too tired to cry, she then dozed off. The next thing i know is that her forehead was all red and the bruise became more and more visible

I was dumbfounded when i see her in tears. I know she’s really in pain because she’s a strong pack, it’s very unusual for her to sob this long. 

Grandma immediately make a hard-boiled egg (peeled and wrap it around a thin hankie) and start rolling/ rubbing it on Little S’ forehead. This is a common Chinese old wives tale’s remedy for bruises. I guess the rationale behind it is similar to the hot pack concept, the heat helps to reduce swelling and the back and forth motion helps further disperse blood cells away from the area. It really doesn’t bother me if it’s a old wives tale or not, it’s worth trying so long it’s good for Little S.

DSC01906  DSC01904

The other side of my have a better faith in modern approach, i use the organic balm that i bought several months ago at the Applecrumby & Fish sale. Sometimes i’m glad that i’m a crazy shopper. In many cases a lot of the stuffs that i bought actually come in handy just like this incident. I wasn’t quite sure if i need it but decided to buy it “just in case”.

So for the past 2 days, we are doing both routines and the result seems pretty good…. The bruise is 1 shade lighter now, let’s give it few more days and see how it goes. I’m glad that she’s getting better….

Try to capture the color of the bruise but the pic doesn’t seems to justify the color of the bruise on her forehead. It is actually pretty significant and the bruise looks darker in person…

Sorry, Sweetheart! Mummy promise to be more careful and watch you like a “hawk”! Lol… i feel horrible when i said I’ll watch her like a hawk.

DSC01821  DSC01820  DSC01815




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