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Packing is never fun and it’ll never be a fun thing to do especially when your hubby is not around plus your extra pair of helping hand is an one year old. Though Little S is extremely well behave, and she hardly gave us any hard time except for her playtime where she needs more space. We don’t have much choice but to keep her in our master bedroom as the rest of the apartment is pretty messy with boxes and wraps lying around.

These are a few lessons that i’ve learn from this move (i hope this will be our last move at least for the next few years)

MOST IMPORTANT : Keep the little one occupied

Kick start you packing with your little one’s favourite toys. Set a side a small box of his/ her favourite toys and books.  With a younger toddler like mine, i kept her busy with beads stringing, puzzles and books in our Chicco highchair. For older toddler, get them to participate in the move. Give them small empty boxes and task them to pick the most favourite toys/ books. Just keep their hands and mind busy, also make sure to keep them hydrate too!




I don’t have much to pack – so few days is enough plus I’m a fast packer

Fast packer is more than what you need when you are moving to another house as compare to packing your bag/ luggages for a trip. In this case, speed is not as important as organization skill. I wish i have started packing weeks ahead with more thorough planning rather than waiting till the last week to pack. I literally pack day and night with just 3 hours sleep  for 4 consecutive days.


Need help? – No, thanks. I can manage 

When my hubby offered to hire a Crown Relocation or change his travel date to help with the packing, i confidently declined his offer. All I got was just a 3 tonnes truck with 3 helper to move the furnitures and boxes. At a quick glance at my apartment, my mental calculation told me that i only have   10-12 boxes of stuffs so it’s not too bad with the help from my mum and sister. The usual independent me feels that 12 boxes isn’t that bad, I’m quite sure that I can manage.

It turned out to be  an Ohh No moment – “No, i can’t manage! HELP PLEASE!!!!!!”. You won’t realised how many impulse purchases until you move.  For me, packing is a “reality” flash back especially once you empty your built-in-cabinets in the store room,  I was in shocked! We have boxes and bags of toys and clothes that i can’t even remember buying. These are all the previous purchases from the warehouse/ sales event. I  found a whole lots of infant clothing we got from Gymboree and Carters US that were brand new with tag but no longer fit Little S. Plenty of toys, that i can imagine filling up her new nursery fairly quickly without any need to buy more. At the end, we have total of 25 boxes of items to fit in the truck, good thing that i got a 3 tonnes truck! That 4 nights were the longest nights in my life, I still remember calling my husband and beging him to find me a mover. I’ll do anything to get them to do the job but toooooooo late!


I can remember the stuffs in all the boxes – don’t need to waste time to do detailed labelling.

This is also another silly mistakes take i made on the first few boxes, it comes back to the organization skills. i magically think that I can easily remember the content of each box so long that I briefly label it as toys, clothes, kitchenware etc. I went back and forth (boxing and unboxing) several times looking for Sophia’s toys categories especially her wooden puzzles and toy. At the end what i did was i printed our some simple labels template and paste it to each box to help organise the boxes. I also printed the fragile logo with side up arrows too instead of marking the boxes with pens/ markers.

It’s more neat, all i need to do is just fill up the label and stick them to the box. With the fragile logo, i know exactly which boxes should stay on top of the piles. Also, do make sure to have several marker pens, masking tape, scissors and double sided tape in handy. What we did was we placed caddies that contained the mentioned supplies by the window of each room to ensure such supplies are ready when we needed it. It’s much more organise especially when you have a year old around that loves marker pens, you don’t want the kid to start staining your fave onesies.


Packing supplies.. What’s that? All I need is just empty cardboard boxes

As easy as we would like it to sound, packing is far more complicated that you think. you need more than just boxes and masking tapes. You’ll also need cling wrap and bubble wrap if possible to protect your furnitures during the move. We were lucky that we have giant roll of cling wrap that my sister kept from her catering business and that was a life saviour! I wish i have bubbles wrap but we couldn’t find any. Alternatively, we wrap the stuffs with newspaper instead. However, do take note that bubble wrap does takes up more space and you’ll end up with more boxes because of this protective layer.

Dollies and hand truck comes extremely handy especially with big or heavy boxes. Imagine lifting a box full of books, you’ll be shock with how heavy books and papers could be. Rather than straining your back and muscle, let the dollies does the job. In my case, it was too last mins to buy instead as an alternative we found an abandoned shopping cart in the building. There’s a mini mart at the business centre right below our condo, sometimes the shoppers bring the shopping cart up to their unit but didn’t bother to return after. In this case, we are lucky. We use the cart instead of dollies bring heavy boxes to the car.

I’m glad that the packing is finally over…. My lovely mum and sister as always were extremely helpful, we packed up our 1350sf apartment within 4 days and the experience is fun with the little one… One of our “first” together…..

You may download the printed label i have created Moving Label for this move. Hope you find this useful. In case if you are looking reliable truck service, do try Kumar 016-9042412. His service is very good with a reasonable price tag too.

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