The Reality of 24 Hours A Day….


Self Realisation Moment

Seems like I’ve set a pretty ambitious timeline for myself this month. It’s something that i planned 4 weeks ago, right before my last week at work.

  • Dinner gathering for Little Bub’s first birthday – Oct 6
  • Getting my new craft studio ready for sewing classes – Oct 14
  • Pack and move to my mum’s place while waiting for my new apartment to be ready in Dec – Oct 31
  • Planning the renovation of my new apartment – to start from mid Oct till end Dec
  • Construction raw material and designs shopping- end Oct
  • Furniture shopping for 2 homes; my apartment as well as my younger sis (concurrent renovation) – final shortlists of furniture by end Nov. I’ve decided I want a new white gloss coffee table and a new bed too.
  • Product photoshoot for my sister’s new skin care range: Skin Love – End of Oct
  • SAHM online journal: Mummy and coffee breaks/ My Montessori diary- up and running by Oct 31
  • Massive year end warehouse clearance/ sales visit for Oct & Nov
  • Weekly Playgroup for Sophia

Seems like I have underestimate my new “role” as SAHM. My whole idea of quitting my job is to get back 15 hours (daily) of my time back to spend it with my Little Bub. But once i made the decision and tendered, it became extremely nerve wrecking. Beside the fact that, i will no longer wear my fave dress and heels, i’ll be spending 15 hours more at home!

“15 HOURS at home?!?!? That’s a lot of time = 900 minutes, what am i going to do? Let me line up my schedule and make sure that i feel accomplish the first month.”

Hence, all the to-dos i’ve listed above. In merely 2 weeks, i realised that staying home with an 1 year old 24 hours a day, doesn’t mean that you get the maximise the 900 minutes you get back! 24 HOURS IS TOOOOOO SHORT. I’m busier than ever! Much busier compare to 6 conference calls + 3 night calls….

Phew… at least i survived my first 2 weeks as SAHM graciously…. will a laundry list of to-do but my life has never been better. My biggest accomplishment this week is……..*drum roll*……. I witnessed my Little Bub’s taking her first step!

-Please disregard the background for now, it’s pretty messy with the spring cleaning and the on going packing-


From time to time i do wonder when can i ever wear my fave dresses and heels again… Nite peeps!

Proud mummy signing off for today…. XOXO










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