Sweet Deals for Cinema Junkie – both adults and children!

A lot of people are not aware that Roy is actually a cinema junkie but he hates going to cinema with me because………… i always doze off half way….. Roy and I met when i was on an international assignment in the Philippines many years back, the 3 years assignment is probably one of the

Malaysia confirms first case of Zika in pregnant woman

KUALA LUMPUR –  Malaysia has confirmed its first case of the Zika virus in a pregnant 27-year-old woman, Health Minister Subramaniam Sathasivam said on Wednesday. Zika infections in pregnant women have been shown to cause microcephaly, a severe birth defect in which the head and brain are undersized, besides other brain abnormalities. “The woman is expecting

Successful Technology Detox Week

I'm proud to announce that Lil' S first technology detox week is a success! Lil' S has been off youtube, pokemon go and pororo apps for 7 straight days now! We are fetiing there but he journey is extremely challenging and there's still a lot of work to be done…. The key is consistency! I'm now limiting her screentime

Beginning of Our Technology Detox Week

Austism is a common topic in this era compare to 2 or 3 decades ago but it never trigger any curiousity in me until the people me around me are affected, it worries me. My perception of Austism is that it is generally related to technology usage, environment, genetic, and vaccine. I'm recently exposed to a lot of Autism related conversation because of the enquiries from parents that

Chocolate Block and Puff Pastry! Soooo gonna try it this weekend…

Such a smart and easy dessert! -15 mins preparation + 25 mins of baking = yumming melt in your mouth choco treat is ready to be serve- Recipe by http://www.hefty.co/chocolate-braid/ You will need: 1 packet of puff pastry (from the refrigerated section) 1 block of chocolate 1 egg chopped nuts Here's how: Roll out the pastry and place the block